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Specializing in fresh organic products, vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, and more (all products are organic) delivered fresh to your home, HQOL is a great and concerted effort b

Terms and Conditions

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general information :

  • The application process is through the site by opening an account. If you encounter any problem in registering, please contact us through the Contact Us page.
  • We cannot accept requests with pseudonyms or symbols, and until the request is complete, the name must be written so that it is easy to communicate with the customer and deliver the request.
  • Delay in transferring and confirming the amount may lead to the cancellation of your order, so we kindly ask you, if you encounter difficulties in transferring the amount or paying, to contact us.
  • Details regarding products and services on (HQOL) are not a guarantee of product availability, offers or prices.
  • All information provided by you must be correct such as name, address, phone number and e-mail to make it easier for us and the delivery representative to quickly communicate with you.
Two comments

احمد الاحمري

5 months ago

هل في توصيل مبرد للخرج ؟؟ هل يمكن ان اطلب لحوم وبيض عضوي ؟؟



5 months ago

ياهلا أحمد ، الخرج حاليا توصيل جاف ، ان شاء الله قريبا نفتح التوصيل المبرد للخرج والقصيم ، بس نتأكد من جودة التوصيل


نوال سالم الشمراني

7 months ago

توصلون الى الجنوب