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organic product

Organic mustard microgreens

14.75 SAR

Product Name: Mustard Microgreens

  • Mustard microgreens are used during the first weeks of their growth. Microgreens in this age period are characterized by a pungent taste like full-grown mustard, with a beautiful shape and colorful leaves, on one side showing green color and on the other side appearing violet spots, which gives it a nicer shape when harvested and added to various dishes.
  •    The plants come to you in organic soil to enjoy fresh with every harvest.
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  • organic soil
  • GMO-Free Organic Seeds
  • Free from chemical pesticides
  • Storage method: We recommend placing it in the refrigerator to enjoy its unique taste

When placed in the refrigerator, do not water it with water until the soil is dry

  • Usage tips:
  1. The stems are cut just before the soil level, either with a sharp knife or sharp scissors
  2. Wash the harvested shoots lightly with cold water
  3. The washed springs are placed on a drying paper or tissue to get rid of excess water
  4. Enjoy the special taste

  • After cutting and watering it, it may grow partially and not completely, changing the basin and soil may help in that, it is watered twice a day and placed in light sunlight, for example at the window

14.75 SAR
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