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Organic Oat Flakes 500gm - Zad Madina

20.99 SAR
  • Product Name: Organic Oat Flakes *Mini Flakes*
  • Quantity: 500 gr
  • Ingredients: Small organic whole grain oat flakes.
  • Very good chips for breakfast.

Put the desired amount of flakes in milk, milk or any other drink and add it in fresh or dried fruits, they are very good in soups, add flakes to the water and cook for 2/3 minutes

Also excellent for preparing creams

  • Certified Organic
  • May contain traces of wheat, wheat, barley, rye, soybeans, sesame, seeds and nuts
  • Storage Instructions: The product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and sunlight

It is free of pesticides and free from strong smelling materials

  • Country of Origin: Italy

20.99 SAR
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